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All information about our facilities such as food & beverage, sanitary facilities, First Aid and more. 

Alle voorzieningen voor de Nijmeegse Vierdaagse op De Vierdaagsecamping


On arrival days our (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) our reception is open from 9:00 till 20:00. On walking days the reception is open between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM (wooden house near the restaurant). You can go to the reception with all your questions, for the sale of packed breakfast/lunches, barbecue cards and bus passes (the so called Blarenpas). Moreover we sell items such as airbeds and schuko pluggs. If the reception is not open you can also ask our staff in the restaurant for help.

During the night there is a night guard on site, who most of the time can be found in the restaurant or doing his rounds on the camping ground.

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Food & beverage

On the campsite you will find an indoor restaurant with an indoor and outdoor terrace. There is a wide choice of tasty and healthy meals (including vegetarian and vegan options) and a daily changing meal of the day. The restaurant is open from early in the morning until late in the evening. You can enjoy a meal with fellow campers at the catering square or at your own camping pitch. View the 2023 menu below.
Menu 2023

You can order snacks and fresh oven pizzas from our "Take Away" Food Truck next to the restaurant. It is also possible to order breakfast and lunch packages during the walking days. On Friday there is a closing after party with our 'Grand Smoker BBQ'. Would you rather order from the menu? This is also possible on Friday.

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Sanitary facilities

We believe good and clean sanitary facilities are extremely important. That is why the facilities are spacious, covered and cleaned several times a day. The sanitary facilities are centrally located and quickly accessible from every camping pitch. There are plenty of toilets with toilet paper, showers with hot water and sinks with mirrors for a fresh start and a hot shower after the finish. There is also a disposal point for the chemical toilet and a separate place for washing dishes.

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Do you have a regular or small camping pitch with electricity? We will then ensure that you get a place close to a power connection. Bring a power cable with a Schuko plug of at least 25 meters, then you are always have enough length. It is important that the power connections are properly covered against water. Make sure you do not use more than 1300 watts. The electrical equipment must be suitable for camping use (so no electric heater). Kettles and hair dryers are also often not suitable for camping use and can cause a short circuit. Draining/splitting is of course not permitted.

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First-aid / Massage

On our campsite, masseurs from the Dutch Society for Sports Massage are ready to assist you. You can turn to them for injury prevention and help with other minor ailments. Additionally, you can schedule a massage appointment with them.

Massage and tape cards 2023 costs:

  • Day pass: €22.50
  • 3-day pass: €52.50
  • 4-day pass: €67.50

Elastic Tape:
On-site, you can also get elastic tape applied. By applying the tape to muscles and joints in a stretched position, it doesn't restrict the natural position. The elasticity allows the tape to easily adapt to any natural movement, ensuring no limitations in movement. This aids in faster recovery from injuries and pain. You can purchase a separate card for this service, with costs being €22.50 per card (valid for 1 treatment).

For inquiries, you can contact

Blister Treatment:
Currently, it is not known if this service will be available. While we strive to assist all our guests as best as possible, blister treatment is a time-consuming procedure, and our capacity is limited.

First Aid:
In case of emergencies, please report directly to NGS at our reception or one of the staff members of De Vierdaagsecamping. Our dedicated team is ready to provide first aid and respond promptly to medical situations. In life-threatening situations, always call emergency number 112. Our campsite is located on Plot de Grift, behind the address Griftdijk 234 in Nijmegen. To ensure quick response from emergency services, it is important to clearly indicate your location on our premises.

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Bike rental

You can rent a bicycle at De Vierdaagsecamping from our partner Nijmegen Actief. Nijmegen Actief supplies comfortable geared bicycles and e-bikes, with which you can cycle through Nijmegen all week long. If you have reserved a geared bicycle, it will be ready for you at the campsite. At the end of the week you also return the bicycle to the campsite. Nice and easy! The rental period is from Saturday, Sunday or Monday to Friday. Different conditions apply to e-bikes. So take a look at the Nijmegen Actief website where you can also book directly: Nijmegen Actief, or email Be on time before they are all out of bikes.

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Parking in the parking lot directly on the campsite of De Vierdaagsecamping is possible after purchasing a week ticket. The card cost €65 and is valid from Saturday to Saturday. It is not permitted to leave vehicles on the camping pitches (with the exception of campers, of course). During the walking days the site is car-free, but loading and unloading is possible.

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Closing Barbeque

On Friday the 19th of July 2024 (the day of the Gladiolen!) we organize a big closing barbeque. You can register for the Barbecue at the reception or the bar. Friends and family are also more than welcome! The barbeque menu exists of meat, fish and multiple different healthy salads. In 2023 the costs of the barbecue were €19,50 per person for adults and €12,95 for children.

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Good to know

Charging points
In the restaurant you can use electric charging points for mobile devices such as telephones and tablets. Do you have a medical device? You can have this charged under supervision at the reception. All free of charge.

Refrigerator for medicine
If you have any medicine that needs to be kept cold, you can hand it over at the bar. Our staff will then put the medicines in the refrigerator.

Cooking at the tent
If you use a cooking tent as a group, there must be an approved fire extinguisher present. It is allowed to cook on gas stoves in the tent.

BBQ & open fire
Barbecuing is permitted provided that a bucket of fire-fighting water, fire blanket or fire extinguisher is available next to the barbecue and other guests are not inconvenienced by the BBQ. Open flames, as well as the use of alcohol or petrol heaters, are not permitted. For the general safety of guests, fire extinguishers are available at various points on the campsite.

There are no cigarettes for sale on site. Smoking is not permitted in the sanitary cluster and the covered part of the restaurant.

Drinking water
There are several water taps on the site at the sanitary facilities. The tap water from these water taps is drinkable.

You can deposit household waste at the waste collection points. Two types of waste are separated here: glass and residual waste. Residual waste must be deposited in properly closed garbage bags. If you are out of garbage bags you can get free bags at the reception. The waste containers can be found at the entrance to the campsite. If you leave, you must leave your camping pitch clean.

Please drive at walking pace on the site when placing your camping equipment. The maximum speed is 10 km/h. After the arrival days (Monday evening), the campsite is completely car-free. If you want to park your car on our campsite you can buy a week parking ticket.

The nearest ATM (Rabobank) is located in Nijmegen-Noord. The address is Jonagoldstraat 61-A, Nijmegen.

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Do you have any questions?

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